Week 1: The First Collage

At the end of the week, I spread out all my little drawings and began tearing them up. This is a little scary at first. But letting go is part of the process.  Some drawings serve only as ideas for imagery in the final collage. Others are cut up and re-assembled in the final piece. Some may be put aside and find their way into a future work.

Inspired by my son’s Lego spaceship as a harbinger of creativity, I experimented with using the Lego pieces themselves as painting tools. I dipped them in paint and used them as stamps. This gave me a way to reference the Legos in a new way other than drawing them.  I used the smallest square Lego to create a little house.  I mixed a palette of acrylic paints in a wintry scheme, inspired by the colors outside in the neighborhood in January.

I envisioned the first collage as a view of the neighborhood from the Lego Spaceship’s perspective.  It hovers above the world in its imaginary adventures, but as a small object in our household, it is also intimately involved with the material ephemera of everyday life.

After playing around with the placement of parts for much of the afternoon, a composition came together.

This first week was a lot about settling into new habits and routines of daily drawing and writing.  I made a small drawing kit that I try to have with me at all times- just a bundle of small paper scraps and my favorite pens.  I kept my sketchbook handy for both drawings and notes.  I found myself shifting into a more alert state each day, anticipating inspiration, and finding it in unexpected and seemingly ordinary places.  Each moment became a new opportunity, no object too simple, a cascade of possibility.

What is achievable in tiny increments over time? The only obstacles between a small work and a monumental one are time and ideas. I have the patience to stay committed over time and the faith that the ideas will come.  I understand how small steps can add up to long journeys, how a slight change in course can take you to an entirely different place over long distances.

4 thoughts on “Week 1: The First Collage

  1. Wonderful Laurie! And they say the hardest step is the first one and you have definitely taken that and completed the first week! And we all know how time flies so the weeks will fly by! You have one of the most admirable work ethics of any artist I know so your commitment and faith in this project will keep you working! Xoxo, Paul

  2. Well done! Really this is. Just a note to let you know your blog is being read. I know how that is also needed to keep you motivated. My new toy has arrived today and just learning to type on it is challenge enough for me today. YOu have. No idea how many mistakes I have made in just this message. T he ones you see are only a clue.

  3. You are formally on your way! I’m enjoying how you’re guiding us through the creation of your panel. I love that Lego impressions are part of it. I also note your new orange tea kettle has entered the realm of metaphor. That you have the world of your suburban life separate from the distant Earth is giving me something to think about: two different views of the same thing? or truly separate? By the way, the shooting star over the sailboat is such a happy image.

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