Week 10: The Cherry Trees

Spring Palette

This week I felt inspired to make a significant change to my color palette. The shift really began last week with the softer pinks and purples in “Mom’s Treasure Box.” I took it a bit further this week with brighter, clearer colors. When I get involved with a color in my work, I find myself drawn to it everywhere else in my life. This weekend I couldn’t resist buying a new spring sweater in that pinky purple color!

For this week’s collage I wanted to capture that moment of anticipation when I walked up the street to see the first blooming trees of the season in our neighborhood. This experience was so much about being carried away by the color and intricacy of the trees. I chose to use fewer collage elements and really enjoy the freedom of painting to capture the light and atmosphere of the day. While the experience is one of being absorbed in nature, I made reference to civilization with small paper collage pieces that depict mailboxes, reminding us that we are still in the man-made construct of suburbia.  I included a small collaged drawing of my camera in the grass, as a nod back to the experience I had of impatiently struggling to get the perfect photo of the trees. I then remembered to put the camera aside and just be still, look, listen and appreciate the delicate forms and colors in the present moment.

First Cherry Trees, acrylic collage on panel, 12 x 12

The glowy deep blue I used for the asphalt of the cul-de-sac almost wants to become a body of water, like a lake edged with trees. I used the acrylic transfer technique with Golden Tar Gel to create tiny transparent flowers with which to decorate the tree.  (See previous post to get a full description of this process.)  While I was at first most interested in the overall color and movement of the trees, I soon discovered my fascination with the intricate form of each individual flower. Combining the loose painting of the trees with the precise ink drawings of the individual flowers allowed me to capture the whole experience.

Detail with acrylic transfer flowers

Detail, Collaged paper mail box

Detail, collaged paper camera

2 thoughts on “Week 10: The Cherry Trees

  1. I can’t wait to show this to the girls in the morning. I suspect my kitchen table will be covered with tempera paint and little construction paper flowers shortly thereafter!

  2. I find myself enjoying the more technical “how” descriptions. Showing your camera set aside is a very nice touch.

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