Week 13: Pattern

This week my goal was to integrate my fine art and fledgling design work by creating related patterns in both hand-made and digital media. Using the beautiful blooming cherry trees in our neighborhood for inspiration, I first worked with ink on paper to draw the trees and flowers. The motifs were then scanned into my Mac to color and manipulate in Illustrator later. I created a hand-made collage to play around with the placement of forms and experiment with color, texture, and materials. I then went back to the computer to make a more polished digital design that was put into repeat for fabric applications.

Ink drawings for scanning and collaging

This exercise allowed me to explore different sides of myself and my work, and consider how they might influence and play into each other. I no longer feel the need to choose a side or focus on just one thing.  I will always love the messiness of paint and the unique character of the hand-made object. On the other hand, I am fascinated by the tools that digital technology brings to art, and am eager to embrace them. I don’t quite fit the stereo-type of the free-spirited fine artist. While I may be creative and expressive, I am also detail oriented, careful and precise. I love structuring forms and organizing information. Working both by hand and on the computer allows me to be all these things.  Here are images of both the hand-made collage and the digital designs that came after:

Cherry Trees Pattern, acrylic collage, 12 x 12





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