Week 36: Friendship

This collage is inspired by my 20+ year friendship with my dear college friend, J. P.  I went to visit her recently in New York City, planning to help out after she underwent some major surgery. She is recovering beautifully, and as it turned out, her humor and spirit lifted me up as much as my cooking and caring was comforting for her.  She is a city-dwelling actress, writer, and musician, while I am a suburbanite visual artist. We have always enjoyed sharing our creative ideas, finding parallels between the performing and visual arts, and cheering each other on as we follow our own paths throughout our careers. As I worked through the collage, the image of diverging and converging paths emerged, sometimes going in separate directions, but often doubling  back to intersect or follow the same curve, at least for a while, before taking off again on a new course. We have had very different journeys, but can appreciate and enjoy our differences as much as our similarities, celebrating our friendship on our own unique common ground.  She is one of those special friends that makes me feel like no time has passed since we last got together. We talk about food, art, politics, relationships, family, and careers, and always seem to be on the same page. Did I mention she is also one of the funniest people on the planet? I am so grateful for my friend.

Friendship, acrylic collage, 12 x 12 inches

Detail, Friendship

Detail, Friendship

Detail, Friendship

Detail, Friendship

Detail, Friendship

Detail, Friendship


3 thoughts on “Week 36: Friendship

  1. Wow- that’s really beautiful and I love your idea of fitting your art into the NOW of life. And yes, Joanna is one of the funniest people ever. (friend from high school) Thanks for sharing this reflection.

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